Hublot All Black Event Singapore

10th November 2016, Singapore – A decade ago, Hublot launches the ‘All Black’ concept, a brand-new and pioneering watch philosophy: Invisible Visibility. To commemorate 10 years of going against the grain and challenging the convention of traditional time-telling, The Hour Glass was privileged to host more than 150 VIPs together with the Chairman of Hublot, Mr Jean-Claude Biver at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute over the weekend of the 5th and 6th November.

Hublot All Black Event Singapore

Dressed accordingly to the theme of all black, Hublot friends including Hublotistas and member of the Ferrari Owners’ Club in Singapore, made there way around the exquisite Hublot exhibition which showcased the All Black collection amidst interactive showcases and captivating visuals. Celebrations were high, and guests were entertained to a high-energy special guest performance by “The Charly’s Angels”, a live band flown in specially for this event from Paris.

Before Jean-Claude Biver, no one would have had the thought of making an entirely black timepiece. “Many brands now offer completely black watches, but Hublot was the first! The Hublot All Black created this revolutionary concept which is now a major trend.”

Hublot Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black

Ten years after the launch of the All Black concept, and to mark the anniversary of this current “must-have” trend, Hublot have introduced something new. The exterior of the Big Bang watch is now invisible, so that the construction and movement of the timepiece are now fully observable. Through a fusion of material, textures and finishes, Hublot has used the Bug Bang Sapphire All Black to reinterpret the iconic all black style.

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Images courtesy of Hublot