As one of the world’s most vibrant cities, London is a thriving and competitive hub for up-and-coming restaurants and bars. If you have a particular menu or atmosphere in mind, you’ll most certainly find a restaurant to suit your taste and personality in the city that is home to both Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

Last weekend Time Journal decided to dine out at one of the West End’s more swanky restaurants, and have whipped up a quick verdict of our own to help you when choosing where to wine and dine in London this winter. We didn’t quite know what we were expecting, having read some of the reviews online, however we were pleasantly surprised. Time Journal is frequently on the move visiting some of the world’s finest cities like Morocco, Dubai, Miami and New York. So, it’s safe to say we have tried and tested our fair share of global cuisines, each one boasting an array of spices and seasoning that make your tastebuds dance!


Restaurant Ours remains one of the more relatively new dining spots in London as it opened in the summer of 2016. The young Michelin starred chef, Tom Seller, opened Ours with the intention of making it the ‘hottest place in London’. The restaurant features a European style menu, a mezzanine bar and is conveniently nestled in the heart of Knightsbridge, a short distance away from a number of iconic London attractions like the Victoria and Albert Museum, Harrods and Hyde Park.

Whilst dining at Restaurant Ours, we tried out the scallops starter, which arrived in style on a beautifully large scallop shell. The seafood starter was everything it should have been, not too chewy and not too goopy. The only complaint we have about this dish is that there wasn’t enough! (Although when is there ever enough food on our plate?) Next we chose the salmon and chicken for the main course. The chicken and salmon were cooked perfectly and both tasted flawlessly moist and seasoned. As you can probably see from the pictures, the stylish presentation of the food was also aesthetically pleasing.


There was most certainly a nature theme going on at Restaurant Ours; from the tree decorated menus and the various flowers and leaves that garnished the main courses, to the actual trees growing around the dining floor and bar area. A string of fairy lights that was draped across the trees brightened up an otherwise dimly lit restaurant floor, setting a rather romantic mood. The waiters polite and friendly attitude, partnered with the trendy music, décor and overall restaurant vibe really complimented the tasty food!

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Although many question whether Restaurant Ours serves up dishes as tasteful and delicious as Tom Sellers other (Michelin starred) restaurant, ‘Story’, one thing is for sure; whether you’re a Londoner who is yet to venture to the West End brasserie, or you’re a traveller stopping over in the bustling city for a short period of time, a visit to Restaurant Ours or Story is definitely worthwhile!


Why not check out Restaurant Ours official site here, or satisfy your growing curiosity by browsing the menus here.

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